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We've been waiting for you!

Yes, you—The one who needs a little help
bringing your vision to life.

We get that you may not have told anyone your big, bold ideas.

It can be scary to say them out loud. 

Over our years in this industry, we've been entrusted with a lot of special, vulnerable dreams just waiting to come alive. We're most proud of our ability to capture and express you in everything we produce on your behalf. We partner with you to amplify and enhance your voice and style, never to change it. Our favourite direct quote from a client after seeing the finished work:

"How did you get in my head?"

When those who know you best visit your new website or see the new product you launched, they should think you did it all yourself because it's just so you!

Shhhh! We won’t tell, if you don’t!

Product creation

Product Creation

Your product ideas can become more than just ideas. We develop one-of-a-kind, customized products that bring your vision to life.

★ Digital downloads

★ Books

★ Workbooks

★ Editing services

Online platform

Online Platform

Your website and social accounts are a reflection of you. We streamline your work by pinpointing clear, actionable steps to reach your goals.

★ Website design & build

★ Social media marketing strategies

★ Email marketing strategies

★ Current platform audits/consultations



Your brand tells a story—make sure it's the story you want to tell. We amplify and enhance your voice and message, never change it. 

★ Tagline, vision statement, web copy

★ Logo & watermark

★ Typography & colour palette

★ Imagery


We're Aim & Ember

We're two besties who have done more than half our lives together.


Throughout each of our lives, and together through friendship, we’ve experienced our fair share of times where life just did not go as planned. In fact, even this business, which is now such a gift, was born from the ashes of a devastating time we journeyed through side-by-side as friends. 


While times of “ashes” can be devastating to walk through, it's been our experience that it’s there amongst the ruins, that God does His very best work—just when you think the last of those embers are about to die out, His breath of life ignites them again. And here’s a little secret: those turn out to be the fires that always burn brighter than the last! 


God has brought us here. And now He’s brought you here. We believe that with our aim on Him, He will breathe His beautiful breath into everything we set our hands to. Which is our assurance, and yours, that you are in safe hands and that your partnership with us will allow your dream to burn brighter than you may have ever dared imagine.

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