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Work with Aim & Ember

your Big, Bold Idea + Aim & Ember = The perfect duo

What does a Partnership
with Aim & Ember look like?

★ No contracts. We never want you to feel locked in an arrangement that no longer fits. At any point during our partnership, you can notify us that it’s time to part ways. We’ll still be your biggest cheerleaders!

★ You are the owner of all your accounts (website, social media, email subscription service, etc) and in full control. We'd be added to accounts as admin/managers and could be removed at any point, with your accounts remaining intact for your continued use.

When we partner with you, we are fully invested! Your success is our success. We will constantly be looking for opportunities that could benefit you and discussing strategies with you.


★ You are the owner of all your content. Our marker of success is found in our ability to express your voice in everything we produce on your behalf. We partner with you to amplify and enhance your voice and message, never to change it.  While we assist by incorporating marketing strategies and call-to-actions to help you reach your goals, we never do so to the detriment of your message. 

★ We are very responsive and strive for clear communication. Emails and messages are answered promptly. 

★ We never want you to have unanswered questions or be unsure of the overall plan & priorities. We'll clearly define the required tasks, the most strategic order to complete them, and who is responsible for each task.

★ No surprises. Any marketing campaigns or additional work beyond our established agreement would be discussed ahead of time with pricing & timelines. Your approval would be needed before we would move forward.


Contact Us

Thanks for connecting with us. We'll be in touch!

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